Derby Pop-up agreement



You must be the designer or creator of the goods you are exhibiting. Any goods that are not made or designed by you are prohibited. 

You may not exhibit any goods that infringe on copyrighted intellectual property. If your work depicts characters or logos, they must be your original creation, in the public domain, or you must have a registered license from the copyright holder that permits you to reproduce their intellectual property. 

It is your responsibility to set up & break down your display. 

You are required to be present at the market for the entire duration of the market on Saturday.  We will send out load-in times as the market approaches.  If you do not arrive by the designated load in time or if you break down early then you may not be considered for future Made Market events. 

Any damage to the venue (walls, floors, windows, etc) or rental equipment that you may cause during the operation of the market are your responsibility and repair costs will be passed to you. 

This is a family-friendly event. Any goods not in keeping with this atmosphere are prohibited (including nudity & profanity). If you have any item-specific questions in this regard, please feel free to ask. 

If you cancel your booth before May 30, 2018 and we are able to secure a replacement maker from the waiting list, you will be refunded 50% of your booth fee. After May 30, 2018, no refunds will be given. 

You will be responsible for paying Michigan State Sales Tax. In order to register with the state of Michigan please refer to the state of Michigan website


You will not be able to hang anything from the walls of the space or have anything leaning against the wall.

All elements of your booth must be contained within your designated booth area. You may not place anything in someone else’s space or in the aisle in front of your booth. The walkways must be left clear. Booth locations cannot be changed without expressed permission from The Made Market Team. 

Booth display elements must not pose a safety risk to others. Rugs, extension cords and any propped displays must be secured to prevent possible injury to customers. Please exclude overly top-heavy items that could fall. 


We believe that providing a safe and secure environment for the market is very important. Only registered exhibitors will be allowed in during closed hours provided that a Made Market team member is present. 

Neither Made Market nor its organizers may be held responsible for personal injury, damaged items, or theft of any kind for the entire duration of the event (from move-in to move-out). 

If the event is cancelled at any point due to flood, earthquake, or other events beyond Made Market’s control, we will not be able to refund your booth fee or any other costs you have incurred. 

Failure to comply with the policies and procedures outlined in this document may result in your immediate expulsion and/or exclusion from future events.


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